Employee Benefit Structure Analysis
Your employees are important to you. If you look after them, they will look after you.
Employers need to analyse there employee benefits on a yearly basis because:
(1) Your fund might not do as good as you wish, and you should know about it.
(2) Your fund managers are not doing there job.
(3) If incorrectly structured, your employees can have a Estate duty(Tax) problem.
(4) Do you make use of the 27% tax gift, SARS give you and employer.
(5) You don't want admin,management etc costs to deplete your employees savings.
(6) You want your employees to have the best benefit structure.
(7) Your managers don't want to sacrafice their payments for the benefits of for example the cleaners etc.
If only one of these reasons gives a negative answer you must consider doing a audit on your businesses pension benefits.
Bluecare Brokers will gladly do the employee benefit structure audit for you. Then you can decide if your pension or provident fund is doing what it is suppose to do, or not!
For us to assist you and give you in the best advice, you can (1) Contact us for more details or (2) complete the questionaire before we start, and fax it back to us, (086 576 3603) for evaluation and we will get back to you.
Your business also have other risk. According to a survey 3000 from 33000 business only in gauteng have their business risk policies structure correctly, That means that the owners, directors of the other 30 000 businesses will have a Estate Duty problem on a owner or directors death according to section 3 (3) (a) (A)
Let us also review your Business Structure, Business Risk Analysis, Read more about it HERE..