The priorities of the structure of your Business
Your business, creates your wealth, your future, your families future, the future and income of your staff.
How important is your business to your?
How does section 3 (3) (a)(A) effect your estate duty?
Are you 1 of 3 000 000 businesses owner in South Africa that will have a Estate Duty problem when you die.
Complete the form for us and we will (1) call you to evaluate and analyse your business according to your priorities and (2) we will do an audit check to see if the deductions on policies are made correctly, to limit your Estate duty liability at the time of death.
Definitions and Priorities that should exist and that needs attention in a business.
Have a look at these priorities you should attend to and complete the form below for an analysis


Top 3 Priorities

Questions to ponder


Partnership of Shareholder Buy and Sell Agreements

Has your business increased in value? Would you like an up-to-date valuation and assessment of your current agreements? Are you sure that your existing agreements are correctly structured?


Existing Buy & Sell Policies

Are you sure that the current (if applicable) buy and sell policies have been correctly deducted by your auditors and that you may be faced with substantial Estate Duty costs [Sec 3 (3) (a) (iA)]? Would you like to check?


Contingent Liabilities & Sureties

If you die, would your family or your estate have to repay the debt to current business sureties signed by you in your “personal” capacity?


Old Personal Sureties

Are you 100% sure that all your “old personal sureties” via your bank have been cancelled or are they being held in the banks faults to possibly haunt you at a critical point in the future?


Wealth Extraction (SARS Gift)

Would you like to extract 27.5% of your taxable income from your business via a Pension Fund (A gift from SARS)?


Pension or Provident Fund Benefits

Would you like to consider instituting a new Pension or Provident Fund where substantial death, disability and dread disease cover at low group costs with possible medical free acceptance


Pension or Provident Fund Costs

Would you like to review the current administration costs, benefits, communication structure and service delivery levels of your funds? There could be substantial cost savings and improvements!


Key Person

How much would a key person’s death affect your company’s workload, decision-making and credit arrangements?


Outstanding Debtors

What would happen if your debtor(s) were disabled through a heart attack or cancer?


Credit Loan Account Redemption

Would you like to know how to get your money out of your company?



Have you got plans in place to replace your depreciating assets?


Cash Reserve Creation

A tax-deductible way to realise personal sureties (does the bank manager own you?)


Deferred Compensation

A tax-deductible way to increase your retirement nest egg.


Preferred Compensation

BEE and Key individuals need tax-deductible incentive plans to buy shares in your company or keep profits


Income Replacement

Would a disabled employee cost you a fortune in empty salary?


Medical Benefits

Are you satisfied with your medical aid?


Medical Aid Pre-funding  - Retirees

How will you pay for medical aid after retirement?


Funeral Plans

Would low cost funeral cover help stabilise your work force and their family?

Complete the easy priority form and let us analyse your business. It is important for any business owner to know what is risks are and how to decrease it. 
Complete it by gicing us your 5 most important priorities according to the list above.