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Special on Life Insurance.
Option 1: Start paying your premium before 1 August 2018 and you get 100% of your next 5 years premiums back when you 65
Option 2: Get 100% of your risk premium back after 15 years.
T's and C's apply
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Car Insurance Special
Start your premium before August 2018 and you will get 3% of your premiums back after 5 years.
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What do we do ?
We compare up to 15 life insurance quotes for you between all the insurers, and we provide you with life time advice on the cover that suites your needs from now until your death.
We are there to advice you on any financial situation you might have.
We are advisors for life
Request a quote and one of our, your life long advisor will contact you with the best premium

Life Insurance is cheap when u are young
Get life insurance when u are healthy
Bad health conditions can make u non insurable
U never know when u will need it

Invest for Short medium and Long Term
Cash in a savings is better than nothing in a emergency.
Business Insurance can be expensive
Get sound advice on the right insurance product for your
Buy and Sell Agreements
Key man Insurance
Contingent liability cover
and fire and theft cover for your business.
U never know u had a asset until u lost it
Insure what you have in full.
Providing medical aid quotes and Gap cover for the unforseen big expenses
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 About Cancer Insurance

One of the most threatening and most feared Illnesses of our life time next to a heart attach. With medical treatments you can extend your life term, or at least better or maintain your lifestyle during treatment.

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Holding the Balance between Life Insurance and Retirement Needs

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